The Erasmus+ project «VIRTUAL LIFELONG LEARNING CENTERS E2.0C: AN OPPORTUNITY TO PROMOTE THE INCLUSION THROUGH EDUCATIONAL ACTION AND SOCIAL PARTICIPATION», granted in the 2022 call by the Spanish National Agency – SEPIE, is coordinated by RedTree Making Projects in collaboration with its partners Smallcodes SRL, Greta du Velay, Lesvos Solidarity, Ikasia Technologies, FEC, and Transform!EU.

This project is generating an innovative training strategy to train adults with obstacles through a unique training itinerary that allows its beneficiaries to develop the educational skills required to obtain the secondary school degree and to actively contribute to build a more sustainable and inclusive European society while they do so, and find ways to access the labor market of the 3rd sector.
We propose a one-year educational plan that concludes with the user being better qualified to obtain an educational degree, being more active and committed to society, and with the possibility of developing their own project of social undertaking, thus contributing to break down their own barriers.


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